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KingCo Water

KingCo Water

  • Rich in natural electrolytes, helps keeping human body rehydrated and delay exhaustion
  • 350ml Glass Bottle with Safety Metal Lid
  • 100% Natural King Coconut Water
  • Not from concentrate
  • No sugar added(Only include natural low sugar content)
  • No Preservatives
  • With pasteurization
  • Shelf Life -12 months
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KingCo Water

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King coconut is a variety of coconuts which is native to Sri Lanka. Widely used in Ayurveda medicine, it is known for its natural sweet taste and rejuvenating properties. King coconuts grow at the tops of 20 to 30-meter-tall palm trees, which are a bit shorter than other coconut palm varieties. They grow in clusters of up to 20 nuts, growing from smaller branches on a large stalk.

King coconuts have an elongated oval shape. The sweet and flavorful liquid within the nut contains electrolytes and minerals that mirror the needs of the human body. The liquid is hydrating, refreshing and has a cooling effect on the body.


– King coconut water, which is known as a perfect thirst quenching sports drink that helps keeping human body rehydrated and delay exhaustion, can be used as a refreshing drink due to its isotonic composition in balancing body’s electrolytes.

– The higher osmolality of king coconut water directly influences on rapid intestinal absorption, which is mainly governed by carbohydrates and minerals. Therefore, king coconut water is a good source for blood sugar restoration and to stave-off hunger without using artificial beverages with added-sugars and harmful additives.

– As king coconut water is rich in vitamin C, it could be effectively used as an important dietary antioxidants. Presence of ascorbic acid in king coconut water found to have anti-ageing effects on skin care.

– Magnesium found in king coconut water helps maintaining lower blood sugar levels against Type II diabetes due to increased insulin sensitivity.

– It was used to facilitate blood circulation in the kidneys and causes profuse diuresis. The presence of L-arginine in king coconut water found to have cardio protective effect, which favors relaxation.

Reference-Jayasinghe, M. D., & Hewajulige, I.G.N (2021). King coconut-the golden nut of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka Journal of Food and Agriculture, 7(1), 09-12. https://doi.org/10.4038/sljfa.vi1.90

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